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Colorado State Legal Name Change- Step-by-Step *Video*

Colorado Name Change 2022 How To Video
Find video below checklist steps


How to change your name in Colorado.

This how-to instructional article is the most comprehensive review of the steps need to change your name in Colorado.


Before jumping into the Legal Name Change process, it's important to understand the

Agencies involved in the Colorado State Legal Name Change process:

  • Colorado Judicial Branch: The Colorado Courts will be the agency through whom you need to go in order to legally change your name. You will submit a petition with four (4) forms, two background checks (CBI & FBI), and payment to the Courts for them to approve.

  • Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI): The CBI will conduct a fingerprint-based background check on your criminal history in the State of Colorado.

  • Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS): CABS is the agency overseen by the CBI who processes your CBI Background check.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): The FBI will conduct a fingerprint-based background check on your criminal history reported to the FBI from agencies throughout the USA and abroad.

  • Colorado Fingerprinting (American Bioidentity / Complio): The CBI Aprroved State-Vendor allowed to process fingerprints to electronically submit fingerprint files to directly to the CBI

  • Colorado Springs Fingerprinting: An approved CABS site to which you will physically go to get your fingerprints captured onto a Livescan fingerprinting device partnered with Colorado Fingerprinting (American Bioidentity). Colorado Springs Fingerprinting can also be used to create an ink fingerprinting card to send to the FBI in order to get your FBI Background check by submitting your fingerprint card through the mail.


Step 1. Fingerprinting

Pre-enroll for a fingerprinting account at

Step 2. Background Checks

Step 3. Create a Petition for a Colorado State Legal Change of Name (create a case)

Step 4. Submit (File) your petition

Step 5. Court Hearing

Step 6. Publication of Proposed Name Change

Step 7. Final Decree (signed JDF 433)


Video: Colorado State Legal Name Change- Omnibus: How-To Video (2022)


Legal Advisory

These are basic instructions for informational purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice. If you choose to represent yourself, you are bound by the same rules and process as a lawyer. If you do not understand this information, please contact a lawyer.

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