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Largest Fingerprinting Provider in Colorado

Conveniently co-located at The Mail Center ; Colorado Springs, CO's oldest shipping, package, and business center Est 1981

Ink Fingerprinting

Ink fingerprinting onto FD258 or other fingerprinting cards

Ink Fingerprinting Service

Fingerprint Cards
​Our ink fingerprinting services include FD-258 fingerprint cards with the appropriate Privacy Act Statement and markings. This is the standard FBI fingerprint card the FBI and most States accept for out-of-state licensing and certifications. We can also fingerprint onto any fingerprint card you have been provided.  Simply bring in the alternate card to your appointment.

Whether you need to be fingerprinted onto an FD-258 or another card such as:

- SF-87 for an eQuipSecret Clearance Card

- CJIS-015 Maryland Department of Public Safety RAP BACK fingerprint card

- FINRA FD-258 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority background checks provided by Sterling "Hard Cards"


Colorado Springs Fingerprinting Technicians can fingerprint you on any card or form that you bring in.  We closely monitor any changes to the most frequently accepted fingerprint card: the FD-258- and we maintain a healthy backstock of FD-258s at all times.  If needed we can even print out any specific card for you that you send us ahead of your appointment.  However, due to the possibility that a non FD258, niche industry has changed their required form, we cannot monitor everyone. Therefore, we rely on you to ensure that if your specific agency told you to use a specific form other than an FD-258 that you provide us with the special form you require.

Ink or "Hard-Card" FD-258s are accepted by most State and Background check agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (ATF), and many other States and their Law Enforcement Agencies- such as the Washington State Patrol (WSP) - whom all accept FD258s or can convert them into the appropriate form needed in order to process a fingerprint-based background check.

After each set of fingerprints are taken, we perform a quality check to ensure your prints are recorded correctly onto your FD-258 (which we provide) the first time. We are known for our expert fingerprinting  services and are a partner of the State-preferred vendor of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). 


If you need CBI fingerprint based background check for a Colorado State Department regulated employment, please see our CBI Livescan fingerprinting instructions.

We understand the importance of having this done correctly the FIRST time and ensure your prints are AFIS ready.

Fast-Track FBI Livescan Fingerprinting


FAST (2-5 Days) FBI Livescan Fingerprint Channeling

Get Results FAST

Results as fast as 2-5 days emailed back to you or your employer. This fast-tracked, digital fingerprint service sends your prints and application directly to the FBI enabling the FBI to run your fingerprint-based background check through the FBI's preferred fingerprint medium - LiveScan.

This expedited 2-5 day service is offered in place of the slower, conventional "Ink & Mail" method the FBI advertises can take up to four (4+) weeks to return results. You can sign up for FBI digital fingerprint channeling directly with Colorado Springs Fingerprinting. You can NOT use this service for Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI - Unique Code) Fingerprinting.  See how to sign up for CBI-specific fingerprinting under our Services Page


We will capture your fingerprints and send them digitally and securely to the FBI on your behalf. The FBI fees are included in the price of our service. The FBI will receive your fingerprints and background check request, digitally, which drastically speeds up the process. The FBI can return results withing 48hrs of receiving digital fingerprints and background check requests and then emails you your criminal background check results directly. 


***Please Note*** If your employer or licensing/certifying Agency asked you to get ink/wet/hard-card fingerprints or to record ink fingerprints on their specific form- then do NOT sign up for this service. Do what your employer or licensing Agency wants you to do. 

Home Page ATF EFT Anchor

ATF eForm Fingerprinting Files (EFT)


EFT fingerprinting for ATF eForms

Better than a Silencer Shop EFT file because you can use it again and again:

Besides enabling you to use the "express lane" on several ATF eForm wizards, you can use our EFT file again and again when applying for Gun Trusts, NFA items, FFL and other ATF regulated firearm and licensing purposes. With this service you will get your prints and information converted into an EFT (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission) file compatible with the ATF eForm. You'll walk away with an encrypted digital file to securely upload your biometric identification information directly onto the ATF eForm online for the ATF and a growing number of other law enforcement agencies.  This will speed up the background check process associated with ATF regulated licenses and NFA items by WEEKS.

(It's here!) FFLs, dealers, gun shops, gunsmiths or those wishing to establish a gun trust or purchase NFA items can leverage the ATF's "express lane" eForms and upload their fingerprints directly into the ATF's eForm wizard.  Previously, mailing in ink cards and passport photos was the only way to meet the biometric identification standards for the Criminal History Reports required to complement the ATF's applications.  This process was slow as the ATF had to first receive you mailed in FD258s, match them with your online application, and then send them to the FBI.  Then one would have to wait 2-4 weeks AFTER the FBI received your prints for the FBI to return the results to the ATF for the ATF to make a determination.


 Now, our technology allows you to securely store your fingerprints and demographic information into an encrypted file that the ATF can (and prefers) to use right on their online eForms through electronic fingerprint channeling.


Dealers and individuals can use our software and machines paired with our ATF approved Live Scan devices to create fingerprint EFT files for submission to the Form 1 & 4 eFile portal. NFA Compliant ATF 41 Form 5230.4 - commonly know as the ATF eForm4- is used to transfer and register an NFA firearm to an individual or a legal entity such as a "firearm trust". With our software, you will have the ability to upload your fingerprints electronically (through an EFT file) for ATF eForm 1 & 4. It is the ATF's preferred method of receiving fingerprint files.


What does this look like for you? You come in, get your fingerprints scanned, and leave with an encrypted file which only the ATF can decode to run your background check when uploaded onto the ATF eForms wizard.

FDLE (Florida-Specific) Fingerprinting


FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida ORI-Specific Fingerprinting
​Fast Florida agency-specific licenses, certifications & background checks in 24 to 72 hours through Livescan digital fingerprinting direct to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  Nursing, Loan Officers, FINRA, Real Estate & Insurance Agents  are all industries licensed through FDLE

Nursing, Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, FINRA, Real Estate & Insurance Agents who wish to do business in an industry regulated by certain government or professional standards in Florida must have their fingerprint-based background checks done through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  The FDLE processes fingerprints fastest (and with some agencies- ONLY) through FDLE certified digital fingerprint channelers.  As of July 2022, Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is the ONLY provider of FDLE digital fingerprinting and channeling in Colorado Springs through Live Scan fingerprinting devices.

When you need an FDLE background check, your employer or licensing agency will give you a Florida ORI number. Your ORI number will be entered into our Live Scan fingerprinting machine and associated with the digital fingerprints we collect.  Our Live Scan machine will securely channel both to the FDLE.  The FDLE will then perform a background check to the specific level of scrutiny that your Florida employer/agency requires and send the results of your background check to the appropriate agency who gave you the ORI number.

Passport Photos


Passport Photos

If you’re like most travelers, you may not wait until the last second to book flights, but checking the expiration date and number of blank pages in your passport is an afterthought.

During the busy season, the US State  can have applications piling up for weeks, meaning your travel plans can potentially be delayed at a hefty cost if you’re not prepared for a last-minute passport renewal.

Did you know some countries may not grant entry if you don’t have at least two blank pages for visas and entry/exit stamps?  Immigration is notorious for spacing out stamps instead of lumping them all together. Most countries require a United States passport holder to have at least six months’ validity remaining for their travel documents to ensure they won’t illegally overstay their visa with approved extensions or unavoidable delays.

For all these reasons and more, it’s always a good idea to renew your passport earlier rather than later.

We also provide Notary, "Certified True Copies", and other services you can schedule online or simply walk-in and request at the time of your other appointments

CBI Live Scan Fingerprinting

CBI Live Scan Fingerprinting.png

Digital Livescan Fingerprint Channeling-

For the State of Colorado (CBI) Regulated Employment

Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is an affiliate of Colorado Fingerprinting which is an approved vendor for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the Colorado Applicant Background Check Services (CABS) program for licensure/employment in the state of Colorado. 


Appointments are required, please visit for more information and to enroll.  If you have any questions please call them 720-292-2722 

Still have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section below or give us a call:

 719.594.4743 (option #1 to reach "The Mail Center" main line to answer you Colorado Springs Fingerprinting questions) 

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