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CSPD Ceases Fingerprinting Services (Police Fingerprinting)

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

As of October, 2018, the Colorado Springs Police Department no longer provides fingerprinting services for civil (non-criminal) cases. This includes fingerprinting for general employment and licensing applications requiring background checks in industries such as childcare, nursing, real estate and loan officers, mental health, medical, and legal name changes. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation implemented the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) in 2018, to authorize Livescan fingerprint technology (digital fingerprinting) recording and submission processes.

As of 2018 if you go to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) or any local Colorado law enforcement or police department for ink or digital fingerprinting for non-criminal reasons you will be turned away and directed to see a fingerprint technical service. Senate Bill 17-189 absolved local law enforcement from the overwhelming demand of being the only provider of fingerprinting services for non-criminal, non-court ordered purposes.

The intent of the Bill was to increase applicants’ ability to obtain fingerprints in a timely manner through third-party fingerprinting vendors. Third-party fingerprinting services also reduced the burden on Law Enforcement agencies as the vendors will often electronically transmit the civil fingerprints. The effect since 2018 has been a tremendous decrease in processing time and rejection ratios.

An unintended outcome of Senate Bill 17-189 was that almost every Law Enforcement agency in Colorado State (to include the Colorado Springs Police Department) decided to no longer provide fingerprinting services for non-criminal, non-court ordered purposes. Effectively, the general public, facing increasing employer popularity for fingerprint-based background checks, must now go to a third-party fingerprint provider.

Since 2014, Colorado Springs Fingerprinting has been providing fingerprinting services for the Colorado Springs and front range communities. As of January 2022 Colorado Springs Fingerprinting (COSFP) is the number one venue for ink fingerprinting, CBI fingerprinting through their State approved vendor, and COSFP is the only provider of fast-track FBI fingerprint channeling through Livescan technology. Their state of the art Livescan fingerprint channeling service is connected directly to the FBI. Livescan fingerprinting is the FBI's preferred method of receiving fingerprint-based background check requests and returns results within 2-5 days as opposed to mail-in ink fingerprinting cards which the FBI advertises as taking 2-4 weeks in order to return results.

Employers and licensing agencies have continued to increase their reliance on fingerprinting as a biometric identification procedure for verifying an employee's identify and criminal history. After the State of Colorado passed Senate Bill 17-189 the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) required that all fingerprinting go through State approved third party vendors. To obtain Livescan digital fingerprinting services, the public must go through and then select an approved fingerprinting partner site (such as Colorado Springs Fingerprinting on N Academy Blvd).

Colorado Springs Fingerprinting (COSFP) has filled the gap created by the Senate Bill 17-189 in both ink fingerprinting for Federal (FBI) and out-of-state employers, as well as filling the gap created by the CBI CABS department for Colorado State employers and licensing agencies.

To make an appointment for CBI fingerprinting (with your employer's CBI Unique ID) go to and select "Colorado SPRINGS Fingerprinting" (on N Academy Blvd) from their list of approved fingerprinting partnered venues.

To make an appointment for FBI or Out-Of-State ink fingerprinting go directly to and select Ink Fingerprinting (on FD-258 card). Or select their Fast Track (2-5 Day) FBI Fingerprint Channeling service through their Livescan fingerprint technology stations.

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