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Frequently Asked Fingerprinting Questions

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  • How much does getting fingerprinted cost in Colorado Springs?
    Ink fingerprinting costs $15 per card when you purchase two fingerprinting services online at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting. Individually, a single fingerprinting service cost $20 but at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting, you can get two fingerprinting services for $30 which includes the cost of an FD-258 Fingerprinting Card. When mailing in ink fingerprint cards to the FBI for the purpose of an Identity History Summary Check, (also know as a background check or Criminal History Report) the FBI recommends sending two fingerprinting cards. Before you mail in your ink fingerprinting cards to the FBI, you need to go to the FBI website and place an order online for an Identity History Summary Check (background check). When you are ready to mail in your fingerprint cards don't forget to include a copy of your receipt from the FBI online order confirmation email. The FBI will use the receipt included in your fingerprint card mailing in order to match up the cards they receive to the order you placed on the FBI website. FBI Identity History Summary checks are not the only reason to get ink fingerprinting done in a Colorado Springs Fingerprinting location. The FD258 ink fingerprinting cards we have on hand support many different purposes and are used by most State and Federal agencies. But if you need a fingerprinting technician to capture you fingerprints onto an Agency-or-State-specific form, card, or chart simply bring in your form and we'll take care of you for the same price. -SF-86: Standard Form 86 used by US Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) in their Security Clearance process through e-QIP -FD-1146: Legacy FD form still used by some agencies for an Identity History Summary Check. This form specifically states that it can be printed on standard white paper. -CJIS-015: Example of just one of the handful of State-specific Fingerprinting Cards. The CJIS-015 is used by Maryland's Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
  • What are "Wet", "Hard Card" or "Ink" Fingerprints?
    Ink Fingerprinting - sometimes called wet fingerprinting or hard-card fingerprinting is when you capture the unique characteristics of the "friction ridges" on an individual's fingerprints through making an impression with ink. These impressions are characterized by the ridges, whorls, loops, and arches. The unique combination of friction ridges serve as a wholly unique biometric identification feature used by the FBI, Various State departments, and other agencies to identify an individual. "Wet Prints" are not really that "wet"- especially with the ink fingerprint pads that Colorado Springs Fingerprinting uses to transfer the ink onto your fingertips and then onto the fingerprinting cards. We use the same professional equipment Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) uses for their non-civil case fingerprinting. We also have treated handwipes to ensure you leave your appointment squeaky-clean. Typically, these ink cards get mailed off to the FBI directly, as part of a request for an FBI Fingerprint-Based Identity History Summary Check- often referred to as a Criminal History Report, a "rap sheet" or simply, a background check. Unless your employer or licensing agency asked you to send the fingerprints directly to their offices, most people will need to initiate a request for FBI fingerprint based "departmental order" directly from the FBI or EDO CJIS website: When mailing in your fingerprint card, you'll include your receipt from the order you placed online with the FBI which will have your order number. At the FBI, your fingerprint "hard-card", called an FD-258, will be associated with your online order. The FBI will, by default, email you your results in what's called a "return letter". You can then forward this return letter containing your background check to your employer or licensing agency. This is the most common and cost efficient way to get an FBI fingerprint-based background check and takes 2-4 weeks for the FBI to process AFTER receiving your fingerprint card in the mail. If you're in need of results faster, we also offer a "Digital Channeling" also know as "Livescan Fingerprinting" service which the FBI processes in 2-5 days. If you were told to send your "wet fingerprints" to another State or licensing agency, then they are likely running a background check themselves using the FBI's system or they are using a State-specific or an industry-specific database to run a background check (such as the Financial Industry's FINRA background check database). Colorado Springs Fingerprinting uses FBI FD-258 cards which are included for free in every fingerprinting service. If we think your prints are not clear enough, we will re-roll you again on a new fingerprinting hard card free of charge until our technicians are confident in the results. If you have a different State-Specific or Industry-Specific fingerprinting card on which you need to record your fingerprints- such as Maryland's CJIS-015, a Security Clearance SF-87 chart (card), or FD-1164, then simply bring it in and our fingerprinting technicians will make your fingerprint impressions on whatever you need and help you mail it out. Despite any examples on this website or the internet, always consult YOUR employer or Agency/Licensing organization for guidance as they will have the most accurate information pertaining to why you are getting fingerprinted, what form to use, how they want you to fill it out, and submit it.
  • How long does it take to process fingerprint background check results?
    The time it takes to get a fingerprint based background check back from the FBI or CBI depends on how you requested your fingerprint based background check. For an FBI Background Check, the results will come in the form of an FBI "return letter" which will be emailed and/or mailed to you depending on what service you signed up for. For a CBI Background check the results will arrive to you, your employer, and/or your licensing agency in 72 hours. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation Identity History Summary Check. Also known as a Criminal History Report, Rap Sheet, or a fingerprint background check. If ordered online and fingerprints are submitted with an ink fingerprinting card (FD-258 or FD1164) the FBI advertises that it takes 2-4 Weeks to issue a return letter. This 2-4 week timeframe starts AFTER the FBI receives your mailed in ink fingerprint cards. You can sign up for an ink fingerprinting service same day appointment at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting. If ordered and submitted through a Livescan fingerprinting vendor the FBI advertises that results are processed in 2-5 days. You can sign up for an FBI Livescan Fingerprinting service same day appointment at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting. CBI - Colorado Bureau of Investigation Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS) provides fingerprint based background checks. CABS is the state-wide vendor serviced applicant fingerprint based background check program contracted by the State of Colorado and overseen by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The CBI vendor that Colorado Springs Fingerprinting uses for CBI Background checks is Colorado Fingerprinting. By pre-enrolling and scheduling an appointment for a CBI CABS Fingerprinting service during the Colorado Fingerprinting Online Enrollment Center process at your CBI background check results are processed in 72 hours after your appointment is completed at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting's physical location at 6545 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.
  • How do I get CBI Livescan Fingerprinted? (Colorado Bureau of Investigation)
    Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is an affiliate of Colorado Fingerprinting which is an approved vendor for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the Colorado Applicant Background Check Services (CABS) program for licensure/employment for the State of Colorado and personal background checks for Colorado Only civil cases such as Colorado State Legal Name Changes. Appointments are required for CBI fingerprinting. To make an appointment please visit for more information and to enroll. If you have any questions please call Colorado Fingerprinting directly at 720-292-2722 Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is an affiliate of Colorado Fingerprinting. You must make an appointment directly with Colorado Fingerprinting for CBI Fingerprinting. Again, here is their separate website for more information and to enroll:
  • Where can I get FDLE fingerprinted in Colorado Springs?
    Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Fingerprinting is a very unique service. I would venture to say that it's "weird" but the State of Florida's reputation has been through enough as it is. In order to work, originate a loan, sell property, or do a host of other activity in the State of Florida requires Livescan fingerprinting with a Florida-approved Livescan operator. The great news is that Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is the largest FDLE Livescan provider in Colorado and you can make an appointment SAME DAY with our online fingerprinting booking service. Your agency will give you an "ORI Number" (Originating Agency Identification Number) and with this code we can securely "channel" your fingerprints directly to the FDLE. The FDLE will then run the appropriate level of background check on you according to your FDLE ORI #. Your ORI # is also important because it tells the FDLE what agency or employer in Florida is requesting the results of your Livescan fingerprint-based background check. There are over 75 different reasons to get FDLE Livescan fingerprinted (and growing). FDLE may or may not require a photograph with your FDLE Livescan fingerprints, and Colorado Springs Fingerprinting has the Florida State approved camera equipment, backdrops, and secure software to properly associated your photograph with your fingerprint file. At Colorado Springs Fingerprinting the fee you pay for your appointment INCLUDES the necessary fees paid to both the FDLE and the employer/certifying agency processing your FDLE Livescan-based background check.
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