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Fingerprinting, Identity, and Passport Services

Ink Fingerprinting
(FD-258 provided)

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Fingerprint Cards

​We provide FD-258 fingerprint cards with the appropriate Privacy Act Statement and markings. This is the standard FBI fingerprint card most States accept as well. We can also capture your prints onto any fingerprint card you have been provided by another agency. 

This service is for non-Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) purposes such as licensure or employment in other states, adoptions, childcare, Federal purposes, ATF, countries other than the USA, or for other non-CBI purpose.   

After each set of fingerprints are taken, we perform a quality check to ensure your prints are recorded correctly on your FD-258 (form provided) the first time. We are known for our expert fingerprinting  services being a preferred vendor for Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). 

We understand the importance of having this done correctly the FIRST time, your  and ensure your prints are AFIS ready.

Passport Photos
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Passport Photos

Even though you're not allowed to smile in the photo, we feel getting your passport photo taken should be enjoyable.  When you look at the photo you'll have for the next TEN years, we want you reflect fondly on your experience at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting


Unlike the Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS big chain/box store experiences,  where taking passport photos is just an insignificant extra duty on the store's bottom line, we wont just shuffle you through a busy store to have your picture hurriedly taken by an uninterested employee. We want your photo and memory of when it was taken to be the opposite of the "deer in headlights" glamour shot that most travelers end up with.  

What type of photo do you want for the next 10 years?  Want to review your shots before they print?- No problem.  Retakes? - As many as you want.  Want to spruce up in our private powder rooms? Go nuts!

Just remember these USA Passport Photo guidelines and you'll be set to jet

CBI Live Scan - Colorado State Specific Fingerprinting
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Live Scan Fingerprinting for the State of Colorado

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) requires that fingerprints are processed electronically through the new Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS) program.  Applicants requiring a fingerprint-based background check from the CBI will be captured on a Live Scan device with a dedicated connection to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and channeled (sent) electronically to CBI at the time of your appointment.  Results are typically processed within 72 hours.

Yes, we have these Live Scan devices.

No, you cant sign up directly with Colorado Springs Fingerprinting.


Instead, go to and register for an account and schedule an appointment at our Colorado Springs Location- 6547 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. During the registration process you will need a CBI unique ID which can be obtained from your employer or licensing agency.  

The most common CBI Unique ID codes can be found by clicking HERE. If you can not find the CBI Unique ID code for the reason you are being fingerprinted, the best step is to ask your employer or the agency who is requesting that you be fingerprinted for the CBI Unique ID code you need to use.


The next option is to call the Colorado Fingerprinting Helpline (720) 292-2722. 

FBI Live Scan Sevices

Notary Public

We provide private, professional, and State compliant notary service at our North Academy Boulevard location.


Our notaries are trained to treat every client with discretion, dignity, and patience. We give each document our meticulous attention and adhere to identification standards needed to legally notarize all seals and signatures.

FDLE Florida Live Scan Fingerprinting
Florida_Department_of_Law_Enforcement_Cover Photo.png

FLORIDA specific fingerprinting routed to agency through FDLE ORI #s

Fast Florida agency-specific licenses, certifications, and job approvals require digital fingerprinting "channeled" through licensed digital fingerprinting providers.


Nursing, Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, FINRA, Real Estate Agents who wish to do business in an industry regulated by certain government or professional standards inf Flordia must have their fingerprint-based background checks done through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).


The FDLE processes fingerprints fastest (and with some agencies- ONLY) through FDLE certified digital fingerprint channelers. As of MAY 2022, Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is the ONLY provider of FDLE digital fingerprinting channeling in Colorado Springs.

FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting (fast results)
FBI Background Check border.png

FBI Fingerprinting through Live Scan Fingerprinting

Get Results FAST - in most cases as fast as 2-5 days emailed back to you or your employer. This fast tracked, digital fingerprint channeling service sends your fingerprints directly to the FBI enabling the FBI to run your fingerprint-based criminal history report through their preferred medium.


This expedited service is offered instead of the slower, conventional "Ink & Mail" method which the FBI advertises takes up to four (4+) weeks to return results. You can sign up for FBI digital fingerprint channeling directly with Colorado Springs Fingerprinting. You can NOT use this service for Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI - Unique Code) Fingerprinting.


We will capture your fingerprints and send them digitally and securely to the FBI on your behalf. The FBI fees are included in the price of our service. The FBI will receive your fingerprints and background check request, digitally, which drastically speeds up the process. The FBI can return results withing 48hrs of receiving digital fingerprints and background check requests and then emails you your criminal background check results directly. 


***Please Note*** If your employer or licensing/certifying Agency asked you to get ink fingerprints or to record ink fingerprints on their specific form- then do NOT sign up for this service. Do what your employer or licensing Agency wants you to do. 

Still have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section below or give us a call:

 719.594.4743 (option #3) 

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