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Fingerprinting in support of background checks, licensing, certification, and permitting is complicated.  But here's a barebones checklist of what to expect at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting.

1. For Digital fingerprinting services you must make an appointment through one of our Live Scan partners. Go to, follow the registration process, and select our location.

2. For Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background checks, all appointments must be digitally collected and channeled through a Colorado State approved partner.  After registering at you will select our location at 6547 N Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs CO 80918.

3. Your appointment and information will be securely sent to our digital fingerprint capturing machines.  If you need INK fingerprints done onto an FD-258 FBI fingerprinting card (for non-CBI purposes) such as out of State licensure/certification, Marijuana badging, FINRA, FDLE (Florida), international travel, or ATF purposes- book directly with us HERE for INK fingerprinting services.

4. You arrive to our location with the appropriate identification whether or not you made an appointment with one of our Live Scan fingerprinting partners or with us directly.

5. At our location we will verify your identification and capture your fingerprints either onto an appropriate fingerprint card: such as the FD-258, other Agency or State form, or at one of our digital fingerprinting Live Scan partners' machines located in our storefront.


6.Your prints and identification information will be securely sent back to the appropriate Live Scan partner and processed in 24-72 hours.  Or, in the case of physical ink fingerprinting, you will leave with your FD-258 fingerprinting cards which you can ship from our sister-business:

The Mail Center which is co-operated by the same Colorado Springs Fingerprinting staff.

7. Your fingerprint-based background information/results will be shared with you or your employer/certifying Agency as requested.



Colorado Springs Fingerprinting


6547 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

Tel: 719.594.4743
Fax: 719.594.4708

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