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How to signup for CBI Fingerprinting (Colorado Livescan at Colorado Spring Fingerprinting)

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) oversees the state-wide vendor background check program contracted by the State of Colorado: Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS).

CBI CABS only accepts an applicant's request for a fingerprint-based background check through CABS approved Livescan vendors at CABS approved sites. Colorado Fingerprinting is an approved vendor of CABS and Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is an approved CABS site which processes more fingerprints for CABS through Colorado Fingerprinting than any other CABS site in the State of Colorado. Colorado Springs Fingerprinting has CABS approved Livescan machines securely networked directly to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation CABS program.

***Important Instructions for Signing Up***

Applicants must first pre-enroll and schedule an appointment via

(Appointments and payment can NOT be made directly at

Steps to signing up for a CABS CBI fingerprinting appointment:

  1. Go to (a site external to Colorado Springs Fingerprinting)

  2. Register for an account and log in

  3. Select the service and level of background that you need with a "CBI Unique ID" or "CBI Unique Code" *

  4. During the sign up process, select Colorado Springs Fingerprinting, at 6545 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 as where to get Livescan fingerprinted in Colorado Springs.

  5. Go to Colorado Springs Fingerprinting's address with your appointment number and you'll be promptly serviced by one of our Live scan fingerprinting technicians

*Your CBI Unique Code or OCA routes your fingerprints through the appropriate Colorado State Department/Agency for the specific level of background check needed and then sends the results to the appropriate agency or employer which directed you to get fingerprinted. To find your CBI Unique ID contact the organization who directed you to get fingerprinted. If you are requesting a CBI background check as an individual, such as for a Legal Name Change or Guardianship, refer to the "Personal Background Checks" section on the CBI website for employment and personal background checks.

Your fingerprints will be securely "channeled" to the CBI CABS department and any other agency in order to return the background check results to you and/or your intended employer or licensing/certifying agency.

Your employer or licensing agency (the entity who told you to get CBI Fingerprinted) will know your CBI Unique Code. If not, you can search 's website, or call them for assistance in finding your CBI Unique code at (833)-224-2227, or check out some of the most commonly used CBI Unique codes here.

Steps 1. Go to in order to pre-enroll and set up a Complio account.

Step 2. After registration, Log into your account and enter your information.

Step 3: Get your CBI Unique ID from your employer or licensing agency. This is the most frequently used way to get your CBI Unique ID for fingerprinting. You can also look up common CBI Unique CODEs from Colorado Springs Fingerprinting's list of CBI Unique IDs / CODEs. This is mostly used for CBI Fingerprinting for personal/individual-civil reasons

Step 4. During the signup process (done on you will be asked to select a CABS approved site to physically go to get CBI Livescan fingerprints recorded. Choose Colorado Springs Fingerprinting address and choose a date and time of your appointment.

Step 5. After making your appointment on Colorado Fingerprinting's website, Next go to Colorado Springs Fingerprinting address to get your fingerprints live scanned to the CBI.

You can not make or pay for an appointment for CBI Fingerprinting DIRECETLY with Colorado Springs Fingerprinting.

To make an appointment, you must do so directly at

For more information on CBI CABS procedures for specific industries and their regulatory agencies see the below list containing links to the most common Colorado Regulatory Agencies and their corresponding CBI Unique IDs/CODES to be used at when making your appointment for a Colorado SPRINGS Fingerprinting CBI CABS service:

Colorado Real Estate: (Department of Regulatory Agencies: Division of Real Estate)

  • Real Estate Brokers - CBI Unique ID: 0800REEI

  • Appraisers - CBI Unique ID: 0800RAII

  • Mortgage Loan Originators - CBI Unique ID: 0299MOBI

  • Appraisal Management Company Controlling Appraiser/Owners - CBI Unique ID: 0800RAMI

Colorado Board of Nursing: (Department of Regulatory Agencies: Division of Professions and Occupations)

  • Nursing - CBI Unique ID: 5948NUCI

  • Physicians - CBI Unique ID: 5681PHYI

  • Physical Therapists - CBI Unique ID: 6063PHCI

  • Pharmacy Business Wholesalers - CBI Unique ID: 0599WPDI

  • Surgical Assistants & Technologists - CBI Unique ID: 5593SURI

  • Massage Therapists - CBI Unique ID: 9300MATI

Colorado Childcare: (Department of Early Childhood)

Colorado childcare applicants will provide the CBI Unique CODE and Facility ID assigned to their employer during the Colorado Fingerprinting Online Enrollment Center process. Generally, childcare applicants will use the last 4 digits assigned to their employer's facility "CONCJ-####" number followed by a four character code qualifier.

For Example: The code qualifier for a Ski Area Guest Childcare background check is CSAI

An applicant would form their CBI Unique CODE by using the employer's facility CONCJ# followed by the code qualifier "CSAI".

If the employer's facility ID CONCJ# is "CONCJ-1234" then the resulting CBI Unique Code would be: "1234CSAI"

Ski Area Guest Childcare: CBI Unique Code: _ _ _ _ CSAI

The specific instructions for each Department of Early Childhood reason for fingerprinting are linked below.

Personal Background Check Reasons: (CBI Website and Scroll down to the "Personal Background Checks for Colorado Only" section)

  • Legal Name Change* - CBI Unique ID: 3975LNCA

  • additional resources for a Colorado State Legal Name change from Colorado Springs Fingerprinting can be found here.

  • Adoption - Private Individual or Kinship Adoption- CBI Unique ID: 0300ADPA

  • Service is for private individuals and non-licensed individuals going through a County Human Service Department for the purpose of adoption. If you are pursuing an adoption through an agency refer to your adoption agency's directions.

  • Civil Restraining Order - CBI Unique ID: 3990CROA

  • Guardian Conservator - Court Ordered - CBI Unique ID: 0150GUAA

  • VISA - International Travel or Residency - CBI Unique ID: CVISVSAA

There are currently over 75 different categories for CBI CABS fingerprint based background checks and growing. For additional information including the level of background check needed and agencies who use CBI CABS for licensure and approvals please refer to www.CBI.Colorado.Gov.

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