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Washington State Real Estate Agents Ink Fingerprinting by Mail Instructions

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Out of State instructions for obtaining a fingerprint-based background check to satisfy the requirements of the Washington Real Estate Licensing Department. The information in this article has been compiled and elaborated on from:

Washington State Department of Licensing | How to get your license: Real estate brokers

Washington State Department of Licensing | Out-of-state fingerprinting instructions

Washington State Department of Licensing | How to get licensed in Washington

Idetigo | The commercial business the Washington DoL assigned to process ALL mailed in ink fingerprinting cards from out of state licensing applicants

Washington State Department of Licensing Logo
Washington State Department of Licensing

Why are you required to submit fingerprints for a background check as to be a real estate agent in Washington?

In order to get a real estate license in Washington an applicant must pass a fingerprint-based background check. A real estate license is needed by anyone that wishes to act on behalf of a real estate firm and perform real estate services for clients.

Sending fingerprints in to Washington State is a required part of the background check for ANYONE looking to get licensed, renew their license, reinstate their license, or seek reciprocity of their license from another state.

Submitting a fingerprint card to Washington State Depart of Licensing from out-of-state.

Suppose you cannot physically visit one of the following IdentoGo Centers in Washington State to get fingerprinted. In that case, an applicant may mail in an ink fingerprint card to meet the requirements of the Washington Real Estate Licensing Department.

IdentoGo | 127 North Juniper Street, Omak, Washington 98841-9337 | Visit Site

IdentoGo | 5 South Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, Washington 98801-2241 | Visit Site

IdentoGo | 14 Portland Street North West Wilbur, Washington 99185 | Visit Site

IdentoGo | 703 West Broadway Avenue, Moses Lake, Washington 98837-1920 | Visit Site

IdentoGo | 702 East Mountain View Avenue, Ste 2, Ellensburg, Washington 98926-3862 | Visit Site

IdentoGo | 45770 Main Street, Skagit County Community Action Agency, Concrete, Washington 98237 | Visit Site

IdentoGo |18810 59th Drive North East Building 44A Arlington Flight Services Incorporated, Arlington, Washington 98223 | Visit Site

If you visit one of these locations to get fingerprinted for your background check, you can expect to pay $44.80 for a State & National Background check or $30.05 for only State Background Checks.

Filling out the FD-258 Fingerprinting Card in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Spring Fingerprinting is a reliable source for obtaining fingerprinting cards and get fingerprinted in Colorado Springs to satisfy the Washington State Department of Licensing fingerprint requirements for real estate brokers.

Furthermore, it’s sister business, The Mail Center, next door can quickly send your fingerprint cards to the appropriate agency to convert your fingerprint card into a digital file the Washington State Patrol (WSP) will use to run the required State and FBI fingerpint-based background checks for your real estate license.

Mandatory Information to be included on your fingerprint card:

Full legal name (including aliases).

  • Complete mailing address

  • Citizenship

  • Date of Birth

  • Personal Demographic (sex, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color, place of birth)

  • Signature in the designated section

NOTE** DO NOT fold the completed fingerprint card when mailing it in.

Upon filling out the information on the FD-258 or fingerprinting card, particularly the admin section, it should be noted that special attention must be given to the ORI section, where there exist specific instructions for Real Estate Broker applicants.

Real Estate specific ORI information must be written on the FD-258 in the ORI box. Here are the three required pieces:

1. WA920100Z



Please consult the below document(s) to assist in filling out the boxes on your FD-258:

Where to send an FD-258 Fingerprinting Card for a WA Real Estate License?

After getting fingerprinted at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting and filling out your FD258 fingerprinting step, you may continue to and complete the background check process for licensing. Completed cards should be mailed to the following address:


Cardscan Department – Washington Program

340 Seven Springs Way, Suite 250

Brentwood, TN 37027

*NOTE DO NOT fold the completed fingerprint card when mailing.

**NOTE As of 2022, the Identigo Tennessee office above is the only location permitted to convert fingerprint cards for out of state license applicants into digital files which they channel digitally to the WSP for out of state Real Estate applicants.

The easiest method to get your fingerprints taken on a Washington State fingerprinting card (FD258) is booking an appointment at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting to help complete your FD-258 card. Additionally, booking service for two ink fingerprinting cards ensures the Washington State Patrol and Real Estate Licensing Department has a second copy of fingerprints in case one of the cards is rejected.

This information was compiled by referencing the Washington Department of Licensing and NCQAC department websites in February 2023. Check the links and references provided to you by your employer/credentialing agency to ensure complete and current details as the information, processes and prices may have changed.

Booking an appointment online is super simple and fast in Colorado Springs at to get fingerprinted for out of State licensing on an FD-258 card or other State/Agency-specific fingerprinting card.

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