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Washington State Teachers Fingerprinting by Mail Instructions - DCYF, DEL

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Out of State instructions for obtaining a fingerprint-based background check to satisfy the background check requirements of the Department of Children Youth & Families (DCYF) and the Department of Early Learning (DEL). Information is compiled and elaborated on from:

  • The Washington Office of the Superintendent Public Instruction (OSPI) Fingerprint Background Check Instructions

  • Department of Children Youth & Families website

  • Department of Early Learning website

  • Washington State Legislature: Revised State Code of Washington (RCW) database

  • Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Education: Certification website

If you are unable to physically go to one of the following Educational Service Districts in Washington State, an applicant may mail in a fingerprint card in order to meet the requirements of an Department of Early Learning

ESD 101 | 4202 S. Regal St. Spokane, 99223 | 509-789-3800 |

ESD 105 | 33 South 2nd Ave. Yakima, 98902 | 509-575-2885 |

ESD 112 | 2500 N.E. 65th Ave. Vancouver, 98661 | 360-750-7500 |

ESD 113 | 6005 Tyee Drive SW Tumwater, 98512 | 360-464-6700 |

Olympic ESD 114 | 105 National Ave. N. Bremerton, 98312 | 360-478-6881 |

Puget Sound ESD 121 | 800 Oakesdale Ave SW Renton, 98057 | 425-917-7600 |

ESD 123 | 3918 W. Court St. Pasco, 99301 | 509-547-8441 |

North Central ESD 171 | 430 Old Station Road Wenatchee, 98801 | 509-665-2610 |

Northwest ESD 189 | 1601 R Avenue Anacortes, 98221 | 360-299-4072 |

Colorado Springs Fingerprinting always has FD-258 FBI fingerprinting cards in stock which can be used to satisfy the requirements of the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction requirements. Guidance from OSPI below

When Filling out the admin section of the FD-258, out of State Washington Applicants should pay special attention to the ORI section which require specific instructions for Washington School District Employees and Contractors.

The Washington State Patrol will run a State-specific background check and uses ORI# WA920310Z [1] in order to perform the appropriate level of background investigation and route the criminal history results (if any) to the DYCF and DEL Departments.

The reason for fingerprinting must read "SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES/CONTRACTORS/28.4.400" which cites the applicable regulations governing the reason for fingerprinting [2] RCW 28A.400.303

The Employer and Address Section must be completed. Write the name of your employing Washington school district, private school or K-12 education agency. [3]

  • If you are an SPI Certificate Applicant submitting an educational certification application, write in the EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS Section: “SPI Certification”. SPI stands for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

  • If you are a College/University Applicant completing an educational certification program with a college/university, write in the EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS Section: the name of the college or university you are attending.

  • If you are a Contractor employed by an agency that is contracting services with a school district, write in the EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS Section: your employer name and the school district through which you will be serving or providing services. (xxx for xxx SD)

  • If you are a Volunteer applicant at a Washington school/district, write in the EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS Section: the name of the school district in which you will be volunteering services.

The sections for OCA, MNU, and FBI are to be left blank. The UCN section should also be left blank. [4] You must enter your full SSN into the SOC section.

Mandatory Information:

• Full legal name (including aliases)

• You must sign your fingerprint card in the signature section

• Complete mailing address

• Citizenship • Date of birth

• Personal demographics (sex, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color, place of birth)

Here is a helpful guide to the demographics sections. Resources such as these are printed out and on site at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting to help you fill out your FD-258 when you book an appointment for an ink fingerprinting service which includes a blank FD-258 fingerprinting card with this service. Booking a service for two ink fingerprinting cards ensures you, the Washington State Patrol, and OSIP has a second copy of your fingerprints to attempt additional background checks if one of the FD-258 cards returns a rejection.

Lastly, ensure to mail the completed fingerprint card and payment in the form of a money order, cashier’s check or personal/business check to cover the processing fee of $45.25 made payable to:

"Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)"

Mailing address for submitting your fingerprint cards and payment for your Washington State:


Attention Fiscal Office

PO Box 47200

Olympia, WA 98504-7200

The Washington State Patrol will use your FD258 to conduct a fingerprint based background check at both the Washington State and Federal Bureau of Investigation. The results of the WSP and FBI background check will be forwarded to OSPI and are entered into an online database. All school districts, educational service districts, private schools, BIA-funded Native American schools, colleges, and universities in Washington state have access to the database and are able to view the results of the WSP and FBI background record check.

Criminal history conviction information reported from the WSP and/or FBI of all school districts, private schools, and educational service district (ESD) employees is returned to the appropriate agency after the criminal history report is processed by OSPI.

Fingerprint based criminal history records and background checks are required by Washington State law for:
Applicants who do not possess a valid Washington State teaching certificate at the time of submitting their application. (RCW 28A.410.010)
Any new employee of a Washington school district, an educational service district, state school for the deaf, state school for the blind, and their contractors who have unsupervised access to children must be fingerprinted for a background record check. (RCW 28A.400.303)
Additionally, the law authorizes certain private schools to require their employees with unsupervised access to children to be fingerprinted for a background record check. (RCW 28A.195.080)

If, in addition to the Department of Children Youth & Families (DCYF) licensing, individuals working in school district early learning programs who need background checks for the school district and the Department of Early Learning (DEL) may use the results from the DEL or DCYF background check (vice versa) to satisfy the school district background requirement. Application form and process.

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