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FD-258 Fingerprint Cards 

Cant make it into our Colorado Springs location? You can request an FD 258 fingerprint card to use for  non-Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) purposes.  Requesting a physical FD 258 is common for purposes such as licenses, FINRA, child adoption, employment in other states, Federal purposes, ATF, International Travel or for other non-CBI purpose.  NOT ALL FD258 are the same.  Downloading a template to print on economy copier paper or buying some cards from a random seller off of Amazon may result in your fingerprints smudging, blotting, not properly transferring, or ultimately being rejected by the FBI.


FD258 FBI Fingerprint Cards have specific cardstock and image requirements and buying them from a trusted source is important.  So if you cant get printed at our location, ensure you're using the right tools for the job and minimize the chance of smudging or smearing.


This option is not available for Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) purposes.  If your fingerprints needs to be processed with CBI you must go to our partner's site at There you will be able to register and select the DIGITAL fingerprinting service you'll need for sending your prints digitally to CBI. 

If you can come see us, the FD-258 Card is included in all our ink fingerprinting services.  Therefore- no need to buy these cards separately.  Make an appointment or walk in.  If you're getting you prints taken elsewhere and still want to buy an FD-258 Fingerprinting Card your fingerprint card(s) will be SHIPPED by USPS first class mail (flats) unless you select expedited shipping.  Once received, you can write in any additional information needed on the cards.  $20 for the first fingerprint card and $10 for each card thereafter- We recommend buying at least two if you're getting your fingerprinting done elsewhere.

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